Spencer Campbell

Journalist Focusing on Video Games

Who is Spencer?

I'm Spencer Campbell, a staff journalist at Electronic Gaming Monthly who has been writing for the past several years.

I have represented several outlets, both as an individual and as part of a team, at events in San Francisco, San Antonio, Chicago, Seattle, and LA to cover conventions like PAX South and E3, as well as press only events sponsored by companies like EA, Wargaming, and Kalypso.  My work has been featured in commercials, Kickstarters and other promotional content for AAA games as well as small independently made games like Need for Speed: Rivals, Dungeons II, Light Fall and more.

During college, in addition to journalism, I studied video.  My internship with NewSong Productions at Echo Mountain Studio had me working with a small team to put together professional quality audio and sync it up with footage taken at the Mountain Stage NewSong Contest and edit it into coherent mini-documentaries.  My team and I overcame some tough technical hurdles in post with some teamwork and time and we created several videos of which I am very proud.

If you want to get in touch, feel free to check out my contact page and message me through Twitter or email.